My name is Fuzzy and I live a life of luxury around here.  I eat when I want to and sleep when I want to. But the best part is, my owners bought me one of your doorbells. No longer do they have to stay up half the night waiting for me to come back in the house. I just step on it and they come and let me in.  I love my own doorbell especially in the winter time or when its raining.  Thanks again!

Love, Fuzzy

Love this system because I love my cats! It lets me know when they want in. I rely on it at all times. Saves me trips to the door. Works great! Although--- everyone thinks I am crazy for having a cat door bell until they realize after hearing it that it is a good thing. Also, if someone comes in or tries to get in your door they set it off and you are aware of what is going on. Great alarm because they don't know it's there. Mine is covered by a light weight door mat. Too cool.

Thanks, Marcy 

Dusty is a 5-year old long-haired daddy's boy! He was able to peek in the front door at us to let us know he wanted in from outside, but when we re-sided our house this year, we also got new doors. I was sure he wouldn't be able to peer in the new door, so ordered the Pet Doorbell-- it's the perfect solution for us! We know as soon as he wants in, and can open up for him before the neighbor's dog catches up to him! It's working perfectly for us---I'm so glad you invented this mat! I had looked for something exactly like this many years ago for another cat who couldn't be seen when he wanted in, who  often sat out on the porch for along time before my mother knew he was there, but at that time there were no products like this one.

Marsha, Cass City, MI.

I am so please that I was able to find your Pet Door Chime Mat. It is working Great!We have a sunken sunroom that goes out to a porch and court yard.The puppies knew to go to the sunroom door but if we did not see them it was to late.Now with the chime mat I now know they have to get out.Today we are getting a screened in porch and a doggie door.

Thank you again for the phone call and the emails

It has been about two weeks since we began using our two pet door chime mats with our dog, Benji. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is very active, wanting to go out and come in often. Cavaliers are not very verbal dogs, so he does not bark at the door, just scratches (which makes it hard to hear if he's outside and wants to come in). We bought one mat for near the kitchen door so he could "ring the bell" when he wants to go out rather than shredding the woodwork, and another mat for outside on the porch so he could let us know when he wants to come back in. Just as you mention in your advertisements, the mat does not require any training because if you put it where the dog would normally stand to come in or go out, the dog will stand on it automatically (unknowingly) and the bell will chime. We're very please with our purchase, and we have attached two pictures of Benji using the mat in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Maureen Wright Hopkinton, Massachusetts

We just received our Pet Doorbell, Ginger and I, and it works great, just like you said it would. I found it also is compatible with my current doorbell so now when Ginger steps on the mat I have two chimes that ring.

Mel and GingerCoconut Creek, FL

As you promised, I received my pet mat today. After setting it up and testing to make sure it worked....I came in to put things away. It has proven to be as advertised. It went off soon after.....puppy used it. I am very happy. Right now, he thinks the sound of the doorbell means company. No matter....it works. Another thing I found....didn't have to use the chime it came with....it works off my front door bell. Gives me a spare. No more furry snowman, drowned puppy, or countless number of ups and down from my chair to let him in. Thank you...and I will be shopping your site again.

Barbara KingPittsburgh PA

I love this product.  Miss Kitty won't have to scratch on my new door when she wants to come in the house after playing in the garage.    




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