Interview with Edward Charboneau,

Inventor of the Wireless Pet Doorbell Mat:

The Pet Doorbell Chime is a portable, wireless electronic doorbell chime Mat that allows pets to tell you when they need to come in or go out, no training is needed.


6 Question: How did you come up with the idea of the Pet Doorbell Mat System?

4 Design date of the Pet Doorbell Mat System was in 1999. Our cat always wanted to go out at night, but we could not hear him when he wanted to come in, it was very cold in the winter sometimes around -35 degrees. So I started to check the internet for a solution. Not finding one that could really meet ours needs. I started my inventing process.

5 Question: What makes your product unique?

4 It is the only pet doorbell mat available and it can be used inside or outside. It also requires no training and is the only mat that can detect weight as small as 2 pounds. (small cats etc)

3 Question: Are you planning any enhancements/improvements to the product?

2 Always looking to enhance or improve our Pet Doorbell Mat System.

1 Question: What is your professional background? Did that line of work or education help you in developing this product?

3 I am an electrical Eng./Computer Network Eng. Yes it did, since the modifications and design of the Pet Doorbell Mat System, required electrical and electronic knowledge to design and build.

3 Question: Throughout the entire inventive/manufacturing process what was the hardest obstacle you faced?

3 Design and construction of the Pet Doorbell ( Mat ) was the most difficult. I purchase other mats (designed for human use) and tested them, after I was convinced that they all were inferior for our current needs. I designed my own which is totally superior to all the others in regards to reliability and use for all seasons, indoors or out. It also is the only Mat that can detect weights as small as 2 lbs. with out false alarms. It was trial and error, testing and more testing and modifications until I was happy with the results.

3 Question: What type of pets do you own?

3 Cat, Dog, Ferrets


Edward Charboneau,

Inventor of the Wireless Pet Doorbell Mat.


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