The Pet Doorbell Mat

The Pet Doorbell Mat is a portable, wireless electronic doorbell chime that allows pets to tell you when they need to come in or go out.


7 The wireless Pet Doorbell Chime Mat is designed to look like a doormat; the chime can sit on the floor or mount on the wall.


6  When your pet steps on the Pet Doorbell Mat, the chime tones to let you know your pet is ready to come in or go out. It's simple you do not have to train your pet. They simply step on the Pet Doorbell Mat and off it goes.


5 Easy-to-follow directions are included. No training of your pet is required, however after time the pets realizes the fastest way in or out, is to step on the Pet Doorbell Mat! No matter where it may be.

4 The Pet Doorbell wireless mat transmitter uses one 12-volt battery included. The chime takes uses a standard 110 volt receptical. The Pet Doorbell Mat is 12”x14”x1/2”. Activates with 1lb to 300lbs of pressure, for both indoor or outdoor use.


3 The Pet Doorbell has 52 selectable chimes,Visual Flashing Light with volume control and uses a wireless transmitter to transmit to the attractive chime unit, which has a range of 100 feet. Signal passes through doors, walls and floors.


2 Add an extra Pet Doorbell Mat and Chime to your Pet Doorbell Chime system, place one at every door, one to go out and one to come in.


1 The Pet Door Bell Mats are weather-resistant; they can be used inside or out. Protect your pets from the harsh winter weather.




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